Power, Functions ve Responsilities

*  Our Union which is established at country level and has the natural membership of all municipalities in Turkey carries out the following duties prescribed in Law no 5355 and Unions Statute:

  • Organising training programs for mayors, council members and municipal personnel.
  • Representing municipalities in presence of International and national authorities.
  • Assisting municipalities in their development and provide guidience.
  • To encourage the prevelence of good implementation examples and exchange of experience.
  • Publishing books, bulleteins and journal and such publications on the subjects within the scope of duties.
  • Organizing seminars, workshop, panels, technical visits about municipal work abroad or in country.
  • Carrying out joint service projects with public institutions, universities and NGO’s working in the field of municipal work.   
  • Providing technical support to municipalities in development technology and information.
  • Cooperating and conducting joint projects with international institutions and their co-institutions in the country. 
  • Assisting  the works of municipalities in the proccess of EU and assisting municipalities to benefit from EU grants and technical assistance.