*In regard to Training Activities, the missions of Union involves;

  • Conducting the training activities of municipality bodies’ members and employees,
  • Guiding and aiding to self-improvement,
  • Exchanging of knowledge,
  • Encouraging of good practice examples

*Training and information activities are being carried out under «Municipality Academy» title.

*Main training activities in «Municipality Academy» are:

  • Briefing of Mayors Meeting
  • Training of City Council Members
  • Training aimed at Municipality Employees


Municipality Academy Campus

According to the Municipality Academy Campus Project:

  • Careers and statuses of our attendants will taken into account that participate to our training services domestically and from abroad,
  • Training aims to be atmospheric, systematic and academic with different program and intervals,
  • Campus will consist applied training areas, a library, an auditorium, an accommodation center and a social domain with 30.000 m2 area.
  • Total cost expected to be around 50 -75 million TL, with respect to variable features like procurement, number of facilities, campus size, location, etc.